This is Natasha.

She lives in our bathroom, spins her webs, and bothers no one. She’s fine. It’s her prospective mates climbing over my neck in the night that I am not too keen on. They have a terrible sense of direction! This portrait of Natasha will be going into one of my notebooks. I’ve made a few with birds on the fly pages. Now it’s time for something a little different to go inside.

These books, along with more of my typed artworks will be on my table at a local craft market next month.


6 thoughts on “Natasha

  1. I’ve admired your work. Can you make a posting where you show us the basics of how you do your typewritten art, how you decide which characters to use, the machine’s settings, etc.

    Also, for your bound journals of art, are you hand-binding them into a book form after being typed?

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    1. Hi Joe, thanks for your comment, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and certainly can do that in the near future.
      The journals are hand bound, and I do indeed type the artwork separately before sewing the sections together.


  2. Gorgeous journals! And I love the spider art! Been admiring your typewriter art for a while.

    Also, the timing of this post is in line with a bunch of my own spider related incidents this week. Am currently housing a giant huntsman spider ( in the bathroom, too. What is it with spiders and bathrooms?) . This morning I awoke to the cat knocking things over trying to hunt the huntsman…spidey has now ( unsurprisingly) gone hidey!

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      1. No worries!

        Having grown up in rural Australia,I’m quite used to them, however, I still like my boundaries! A huge spider in the shower recess = I guess I’m not having a shower today…!

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