Waste not want not

If you have access to red currant leaves you can add them at the end. Lay them onto the mixture. It helps with the fermentation process, but it’s not totally necessary. The main thing is to pound the cabbage so that the juice comes out and add plenty of salt. It packs into a smaller space than you’d imagine. It doesn’t take long. Ten minutes. I didn’t include a photo of the jar after I’d washed the bits of cabbage and spices off the outside of the glass because I can’t pretend it’s not a bit messy. The fermented cabbage is great as a side with lots of different possibilities. You can do this with just about any vegetable and combinations of vegetables. I was sceptical at first as cabbage can be so stinky. But the stink is released by the fermentation process. I should have said maybe burp your cabbage jars next to an open window. Haha. No seriously it’s one of the best things to do with cabbage you’d ordinarily throw into the compost.

How to write a love letter




The letter predates the envelope so they were still corresponding and I hope, still in love and having marvelllus weekends together. The last pages of the letter are missing – the person who loved Alice so dearly remains a secret. This letter was rescued from a junk shop today. I’ll keep it safe. 17 endearments on two small pages are too priceless to throw away.


Have stickers, will travel. Today I’m going to bury my phone at the bottom of my bag during my train journey. It’s four hours, a couple of changes, and there are plenty of places I can plant these along the way.

Just wading

Your phone dies, you can’t charge it, and you need to call your loved ones on someone else’s phone, do you know their numbers? Do your loved ones have your number?

Problem solved, old ways are best.

First blackberries of 2019

Blackberries when still slightly sour have enough pectin to set without apples or lemons. It’s really satisfying to get a good set on jelly without adding in another flavour. Though I do like a mixed jam, there’s something wonderful about blackberry jelly. It’s worth getting snagged by thorns, buzzed by wasps and the waiting for the liquid to drip through the cloth.