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I love the 30 days 30 covers project that has been a part of NaNoWriMo for the past few years. I’ve been messing about making covers for novels this month too. Novels that don’t exist. Apart from the title, of course. The majority of covers being produced for the 30 days 30 covers project seem to be coming into existence via the wonders of computer aided design, and that’s fine. But I like and prefer cover art that has some kind of relationship to the real and physical world. This particular real fake cover is brought to you with the aid of tracing paper and typewriter – a 6cpi SCM Classic 12.

Words of actual novel written today so far: zero

fly leaf


An A6 notebook/sketchbook waiting for its cover. I’ll be mixing up some paste soon. Just deciding on whether to go for a cloth, paper or leather finish. Decisions! This needs to be done before NaNoWrimo begins.

Hélène Berr

Hélène Berr:3Hélène Berr:journal excerpt

Hélène Berr chose not to flee to the Free Zone but stayed on in Paris, fully aware of the risk to her own life, to study and to work as a volunteer, helping to find places of safety for Jewish children.