Dirty keys still type

Polishing and cleaning this type of key top means taking it slow and going carefully. I’m using Autosol metal polish, an old hog hair paint brush which is worn down and quite stiff, a cotton rag and a wooden cocktail stick. You can see the typebar raised up but that’s just because I only have two hands. When not taking photos I hold the typebar down gently with the other hand.

And don’t forget to listen to some music that was paid for, offline 😉

Revisiting Changing the Subject

The irony of my posting this quote is not lost on me. But I had to write it out on the train into my little book. I’m still trying to stake out my sphere of focus. One thing I love about this particular train journey is the range of languages spoken being spoken around me.

Ok back to my book. I hope you all find your sphere of focus today whatever you’re doing.

I bought a haiku

I’m in London today. Walking along the banks of the river Thames I came across a poet with his typewriter, a blue silver reed. so I bought a haiku on the subject of rivers. I turned my phone on to take the pictures and write this post 🙂 It was good to see the typist had a steady stream of customers too.