July sky

I’ve had the same set of watercolours in a Windsor and Newton black enamel tin since I was a first year art student at Falmouth. Over the years the pans of colours have been renewed but it’s one of those little constants I return to that makes me feel secure. I started doing quick sketches in watercolour of lockdown skies in March. I didn’t think I would need to make another sketchbook to contain them all. Yesterday it was an even pale grey all day so I didn’t bother painting it. Today it looks more interesting so I may well do several. There are no rules other than to be guided by the wind.

Stills from a movie, Day 37

I’m making things, not really typing, not really writing. This is from a photo we took of our shadows on a night walk last summer. Now the longest we’ve been apart since we got together and every day from now on until lockdown is over.

Thinking of you all. Keep on staying safe xx

Cure for writer’s block

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming
and you need to get a little bit more…

Tiny teddy and I working through the dreaded writer’s block together. This little chap and his bedding I made for my daughter out of scraps, the typewriter is fimo, bamboo skewer, and wire.

The little things

Gummed labels! They come in a roll and at some point they get a dog ear and catch on the platen and a quick job making an address label or a jam label turns into a sticky platen fix nightmare.

I did a search for gummed labels and it seems you just can’t get the kind you moisten yourself any more. But you can still get these massive rolls of gummed brown paper. It’s a no brainer! I’m so happy with my home made labels, and so are my typewriters.

Season’s Greetings

Do not adjust your TV sets! I love the red and green ribbon on my Imperial Good Companion no 5 with the scientific symbols. Recently I had to sell my one and only script typeface, so I’m enjoying using this typewriter even more this festive season. When something has to go, it has to go, but I’m still rich in typewriters and the possibilities are infinite. May your festive season be glorious. Wishing you all peace, creativity, and tranquility for 2020.