A Reel Wind-Up

Crown 8, model E3B. A 'standard 8' clockwork movie camera.
Crown 8, model E3B. ‘Standard 8’ clockwork movie camera.


paywithapoemsomnolenceDetails of this madcap poetry for coffee scheme can be found on Twitter and Facebook. It is being implemented by coffee-roasting company Julius Meinl, and spread over 23 countries in 1,100 café, bar & resturant type venue hangouts.

Happy World Poetry Day!

Introducing Mr John Hill.


Bingo! The only one with his name on it. imageStill a bit of work to do on this one. The man in the centre of the photo is perfectly in focus, but my subject is slightly blurry. I’m intrigued as to the location of the shot. Looks like a place of work, in the background there appears to be some kind of store room, and the wall John Hill is standing next to is rather grubby.

image  I spent quite a while yesterday trying to work out the year more exactly by the style of the collars and ties. My guess is still that it must have been prewar, so around 1910. Perhaps a little earlier. I like the way he is so relaxed in front of the camera, with his hands in his pockets. And his choice of tie and collar is a bit flash.

Portrait of an Unknown Man #2

portrait man2The more I stare at this man’s face, the more I want to know about him. The research is hit and miss – I think I might have found some more photographs of him, but the only clues to dates and names etc are either scribbled on the back of the snaps – or not. So far, I have deduced that he was married, and had at least one child – a daughter, who grew up to have her own children. Of this image, the daughter says, “I think this must be Dad, but it doesn’t look like him.”

Somehow I seem to have given him eyes that follow me – or is that my imagination?!