Waiting wall typed, mk 2

Typed with Remington de luxe 5, and Smith Corona classic 12, with 6cpi. These are the scrambled anonymous confessions from the Waiting Wall project originally exhibited at Brighton train station, in 2015, and online. These days the website is “insecure”, Firefox informs me, so I will not be attempting to collect any more screenshots of the morphing confessions online. However I do have a large cache to work with.

En plein air

I’m making some simple sea scapes today.
No clouds. The sky portion will be used for scrambled text from the “waiting wall” project from some years ago. When I moved house 2 years ago, my first waiting wall project became lost. I only discovered this recently, and wanted to replace it. However just repeating myself isn’t all that inspiring. Let’s see what happens!

How to restore your correction fluid brush!

After you lend out your correction fluid it might come back to you like this!
Do not despair or throw it out. Just squirt some alcohol hand gel into a non -food receptacle, and swirl around until you make a white goo
Squeeze and wipe the goo off the brush into newspaper. Repeat if necessary.
After a final wipe with newspaper. There you go!

Disclaimer: use correction fluid around your typewriter at your own risk!


Twenty images from the past eight years of making art on typewriters. I’ve put 30 copies for sale in my new shop.( I finally got around to it! ) My shop I’m also listing some of my artworks for sale, and the post office is now offering international parcels again, so I can send anywhere on the surface of the planet.

Candi Staton

Thought it would be fun to share some of the stages of a portrait

Still so much work to do but I am hoping I can get this portrait completed in time to include it in a zine of my artwork. I will be selling some copies at the craft market but I will also hold back copies to sell internationally online

For the brave

Both of these will be on my table at the craft market in Hastings, Uk on 18th March. My workspace is more chaos than ever. Fun to include something a little different but the main focus will be my art on paper. There’s times I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew but I’m getting there!