120 lino prints…

being sewn into a first run of ten little books

This is tank-top guy feeling festive
This is Crow, missing her friend Tank-top guy
Sometimes when you miss someone, you just have to caw them up on the phone…
and work out how to spend time together, in a corvid safe way.

Stills from a movie, Day 37

I’m making things, not really typing, not really writing. This is from a photo we took of our shadows on a night walk last summer. Now the longest we’ve been apart since we got together and every day from now on until lockdown is over.

Thinking of you all. Keep on staying safe xx

Album Cover Artwork

Available today on Bandcamp, general release I believe is the 22nd March 2019.

This is already my favourite Pyramids of Space album, (and it has nothing to do with my artwork being chosen for the cover!) Seriously crafted epic journey. This album by rights ought to be on vinyl. It deserves the kind of listening we have grown out of in the digital age. Set aside enough time to play it through from start to finish on first listen the way we used to with LPs.