Another artwork sale for wordplay!

Murmuration#3 22:01:16Here is another artwork for sale, keeping with the flying free theme,  listed on ebay, with international postage. I have no idea why the listing for my bird became “UK only” after I put it up.

You can see the listing for this picture here! If there are problems with this one, I will take it down and offer it for sale another way, with the proceeds still going to wordplay.

on a morning like no other

red rose
Found first thing this morning on the way to school. The garden was two metres away from the road.

I don’t think I have to tell you that I voted for Britain to Remain a member of the European Union. But I will anyway. I got up at 6. I was first at the polling station, in fact I had to wait 7 minutes for the presiding officer to declare the poll open at 7am. My youngest daughter came with me and brought her favourite bunny along. It was fun, we felt hopeful but anxious.

This morning was ghastly. I didn’t have a camera with me on the school walk, so I had to go back to take the picture. But anyway, it struck me as just right.

There’s a new swear-word in our house.

This thing (now a swear-word), is a tragic-comedy of Shakespearian proportions; we’re all in the cheap seats now. Even Teflon Dave.

Invisible typewriter?!

Head in the clouds
Head in the clouds

While away in Scotland, I did some typewriter hunting in the second hand shops and charity shops. the only one I was able to find was this example of the Invisible Typewriter. Not sure about her typing posture…

She reminded me of a certain eBay seller’s typewriter shots, (!) but this lady is infinitely more respectable.

And I think that’s my finger in the corner of the shot too – a proper holiday snap!