I bought a haiku

I’m in London today. Walking along the banks of the river Thames I came across a poet with his typewriter, a blue silver reed. so I bought a haiku on the subject of rivers. I turned my phone on to take the pictures and write this post 🙂 It was good to see the typist had a steady stream of customers too.


black rain clouds

black rain clouds 13:6:19typed today on my Imperial Good Companion 5

when are these dark clouds going to lift? i miss the blue sky…

Getting a handle on it

This was the sorry state of the Imperial Good Companion case handle and catch. Rusty and grotty and very unpleasant to hold. Impossible to use without makeshift padding. I spent a bit of time on it today and I’m quite pleased with my new scrap leather handle.

I gave everything a bit of Renaissance Wax to finish off.

Now I have to clear up my mess !