Sunday Crossword Puzzle

From the bottom of a box of papers…


A visit to George Blackman’s

Last weekend I was down on the south coast again and on Saturday I made another jaunt to Bexhill.

Huzzah for George Blackman Business Equipment. A kind of secret typewriter shop! There’s not much on the outside of the shop to say what treasures are waiting inside.

The first item to greet you as you walk in at the moment is this lovely Continental.

Gavin Eldridge, partner in the business, gave me a warm welcome and was happy to show off some of the typewriters in the shop. The standard of work done on their machines is extremely high. Look how sparkling and bright the interior of this Olympia is.

Gavin was also very obliging when I asked if I could see inside some of the closed cases, and I tried out this next gorgeous Olympia.

There were more machines ready for sale in the shop than there was time for me to see them, and there was a healthy pile of machines waiting for repairs behind the counter. If you live in the UK and need expert help with repairs, or supplies, check out their website.

I had a good chin wag with Gavin and stocked up on ribbons and paper.

It was so heartening to visit a typewriter shop in such good fettle. I forgot I had a hangover while I was there!

Unfortunately it was raining when I came out of the shop so I didn’t fancy wandering about taking snaps of the seafront in the rain with my pack of A4 paper under my arm.

Back to St Leonard’s on the train. For once a fare I can’t quibble about, £3:50 round trip. Seagulls go free 😉

Sunday was gorgeous and sunny, and I took the Lettera 22 out onto the roof terrace. Typing and tea for two. Perfect.

Balancing stones

When it happens, it feels like magic 🙂

This is one of those satisfying activities that you do for no reason other than the moment of satisfaction. The stone will tumble, and a photograph doesn’t really capture what it feels like in real life. Your mind emptied of everything you are at one with this stone until you let it go and see it balanced. I could get addicted to balancing pebbles on the beach. If you can, give it a try, you might surprise yourself.

Weekend typewriter foraging

At the very back of a junk/antique shop this half-naked Aqua Darling was hiding in a corner, in its case. I was so excited to find it I forgot to snap a picture… 😀 I only started taking photos when I couldn’t work out what the make was and brought it to the table you see it on in the pictures to find the serial number and decal for detective work later in the day. I misread the decal on the back at first and was puzzled about my Erika 3 find (note to self, wear specs when typewriter hunting). The ribbon cover was missing and the shredded dry silk ribbon was all over the place. I spent a little while respooling & going over the mystery machine and liked it a lot… but the missing cover was a deal breaker. The woman in the shop wanted £35 but said she’d go down to £25. If the ribbon cover hadn’t been missing I might have been tempted, even though the typeface was nothing special. And even though I have a No More Machines policy, or a One In, One Out at the very least. The colour was great. The action was nice. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the typewriter that a new ribbon and a good clean wouldn’t fix. The case was in fairly good condition too. I’m guessing this machine is an Optima elite, circa 1958. Fun to find anyway. This particular shop was right opposite a typewriter repair workshop & supplies place in Bexhill – the real reason I was in the area, but I got there too late on Saturday afternoon to buy the ribbons I needed. Next time! The early bird catches the typewriter ribbon.