Portrait of a camera with self


Does anyone need to know?

The urge to share every moment is too overwhelming.

What am I thinking ?

What are you thinking ?

Does anyone need to know ?

When I was a kid, I used to wonder what it would be like to know what everyone was thinking, from moment to moment. Now we know what it’s like, and is it that great ? Is the future you imagined as amazing as you imagined it to be? How can we imagine the future better for ourselves, given that we can’t erase what we already know?

It was a bright cold day in February

My pre-chosen spot turned out to be very quiet, so I headed back across the road to Kings Cross where I had a lot more luck finding willing recipients. After an hour though my backside got numb from the stone bench. I took my Tippa inside for a tipple at The Parcel Yard where I set up my next Valentine station.

The last one I typed before I left was strictly platonic, and the giver asked for it to be very low key.

I had a great time, met some lovely people, and it’s not as scary being out there on the street with your typewriter as you might think. I only had nice comments, and everyone was happy with their cards.


Tomorrow I’ll be here or rather over there a bit, (St. Pancras railway station, London UK 🇬🇧) nearer the pink Emin words and the lovers statue under that big clock from around 16:15 with my Adler Tippa script, typing out messages for free.

Free Valentines messages and poems will also be on offer hot off an Olivetti lettera 32 somewhere on University of Glasgow campus, on Valentines Day. Hopefully I’ll have some photos to share with you from both ends of the country.

I’m limbering up here, trying out creative solutions to the fact that the card I’ve got won’t feed through this or any other of my typers! Must not forget to take my glue stick with me…

I’ll be there for a couple of hours before it’s time to catch my train. If you would like to join me, that would be fun!


Messing about with ink

Accepting the limitations of your materials and going with the flow. Don’t over think. Not a meme, a genuine message. Is it art, is it a love letter, a telegram. Making space in my day for something for the sake of something.

Magnesium die-cut of Conversions With My Sociopathic Avatar, 2015, reimagined, reworked as, The Ghost of You, on vintage typing paper. Metal stamp ink and body weight.

Smith-Corona Classic 12 6pci

Image originally typed on a 1953 skyriter and featured in harlequin creature, letter to form.

Raggedy Rook

My favourite machine for making art with is sadly out of action. The Remington De Luxe 5 is the best for me and the way I draw with typewriters, which is to disengage the line spacer and hold the carriage release and platen knob in my right hand, turning the knob as I type with my left. (I’m left-handed but this is more an ambidextrous method.) The shape of the ribbon guide is crucial as well, and on the Rem de luxe, it’s perfect, giving lots of space to see what you are typing and also allowing good alignment of marks as you go.

I’m gutted that the platen is too slippery and hard now, and no amount of home remedy action seems to fix it for long enough. Plus, the feedrollers are leaving black rubber deposits in two parallel lines on the paper. I’m looking at YouTube vids of how to get at the feedrollers but that will have to wait.

The Imperial Good Companion I’ve used here for this Raggedy Rook ( and yesterday’s Five Starlings) does come a close second, though the platen is bloody hard now and I worry about the typeslugs on this precious machine with its scientific symbols. I use a backing sheet every time, but this can cause problems with shadowing in places.

There’s no point always trying to keep everything the same or as it once was. I allowed myself to become comfortable with the Rem De Luxe, and maybe I wasn’t challenging myself enough. It’s harder work with the Good Companion but I’m still happy with the result, maybe more so.