Pole Dancer



Chamomile has really tough stems, I discovered. I just happened to have a pair of nail scissors in my bag as I walked past these on the last hundred yards to the house. I didn’t make tea out of the flowers, I was drinking green Sencha. I’m past the age where you care what other people might think, seeing you snip weeds for a bouquet. They’re lovely little dabs of sunshine.

Here are the drafts I went through on the lettera 22

Treasure Junk

Hiding beside the sofa in a junk shop beside the sea …

The brass plate under the table was placed on top of an upside down case. Could the case be hiding something good, or a collection of wicker donkeys?

Not wicker donkeys.

I fished an index card out of my satchel…

This was the best I could do, moving the platen along manually, and slotting the card in from the front. Such a shame to see this machine with a bundle of issues, but you come to expect it on safari 😀 ( And I think I know who finds all the good ones around here before me 😉 ) The left hand platen knob was smashed and missing, and those with sharp eyes will have noticed the old rubber band fix on the base, just for starters. Ah well, never mind, at least it’s the right way up now. Maybe someone else will fall in love with this old Remington and bring it back to life 🙂 ? First time I’ve seen one of these in the flesh, and the first time I’ve seen a rupee key.