The Truth about Knobs

On the Remington De Luxe 5:

The variable line space button shaft inside the left hand platen knob looks like this:

See that little thing down there next to the main shaft? That’s what I’m calling the mini-shaft. It allows the button to be pushed and turned and held in place, letting you keep the platen in free-rolling mode. This is a replacement left side platen knob I harvested from another Remington De Luxe 5 I bought this week. Replacing the knob could not have been easier. (You just unscrew the knob, holding the right hand knob firmly in your other hand. )My Remington De Luxe 5 is now back to being a fully functioning artist’s typewriter.

The original platen knob shaft was, on inspection, slightly bent out of shape, and also and strangely enough, missing the little mini-shaft.

When I put the orignial, now defective, platen knob onto the parts machine, I was able to reproduce the problem I had found on my original machine, after its sojourn in Bexhill.

I know one should not type anything in anger, but I’m still pretty annoyed about this whole ruddy thing.

The Truth about Knobs is out there. Don’t let them mess with your mind.

P.S (Knob, here, is invoking the British slang. It’s just occurred to me that my non-British readers may be misled over my funny title, which isn’t as hilarious if you’re not British or are not aware that a Knob in the UK is a rude word for a stupid man. )

Treasure in Bexhill


(The woman at the till was so pleased that I was buying the typewriter. She told me she had taken a Pitman’s typing course, many years ago, and had struggled on a “big old huge thing” )

Edit: the hashtag is hard to find on typewriters in the U.K. I realise some readers might be confused about why I was so happy with the typeset!

On Safari in Hastings

In the window of the quirkiest solicitor’s offices in Hastings
This place has some nice little treasures…
The only Valentine I’ve seen in the wild
This one caught my eye through the window but a little too many squids for my pocket
So cute
And here’s another
Seemed like everywhere I looked there was another typewriter
The owner let me into the shop just as he was closing up, so there was no time to see everything in detail. Slightly regretting that half pint a few doors up the road beforehand! Oops. I will return another day for a closer look.

Late nite spotting

At the top of this precarious looking display is a Hanover. Hanover is not listed in the database, so I really need to go to this bar in daylight or with a portable spotlight once Nanowrimo is over to get much better pictures.