Little Red Fox

It looks good in the pictures but up close it’s… bleargh! Always fun to see such a pretty colour shining out among the other junk though. I love typewriter hunting in Hastings and the surrounding area along that bit of the English coast. So many great junk shops, antique shops, and charity shops bursting with vintage treasures and tat.

On a side note too, I’ve noticed from George Blackman’s Facebook page that they’re doing a good brisk trade on their reconditioned machines over in Bexhill, and the lovely Continental has been sold this week. I think it was up for around £270 maybe a tad more.


Chamomile has really tough stems, I discovered. I just happened to have a pair of nail scissors in my bag as I walked past these on the last hundred yards to the house. I didn’t make tea out of the flowers, I was drinking green Sencha. I’m past the age where you care what other people might think, seeing you snip weeds for a bouquet. They’re lovely little dabs of sunshine.

Here are the drafts I went through on the lettera 22