About this blog…

Various (mainly) typewriter-related stuff, random, sporadic. I don’t aim to be uniquely fascinating, just adding my tuppance ha’penny worth to the Typosphere.

The clouds typed here have been sketched using manual typewriters. Some are what you might call antiques, others, merely a few decades old. Clouds sketched from life, not from photos!

Oh, and my name is Martha Lea…

7 thoughts on “About this blog…

  1. Hey! This is Taylor over at Guts of Imagination. I don’t know if you read the reply I posted to your comment, but I’d be happy to send you a Quiet De Luxe if I find one on my next antique trip. Let me know which variant you’d like the most! Thanks for reading.


  2. Hello from Steve in California.
    Your blog is one of my faves.
    Just haven’t seen any from you lately.
    Everything ok?

    An intro:
    Never blogged, shut down my Facebook entirely.
    What I have been doing since teen years is using my dad’s Hermes Rocket 1956 for everything, including stories +poems. Been collecting a few more models lately, like Facit, Remington, Royal, and an Underwood Portable 1932 that your advice posts helped me with, especially the case.

    You are lucky that you are in a relationship that supports your interests of the not too contemporary.
    Have fun,



    1. Hey Steve, thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words 🙂 All is good here, I have spent a while recently relearning to read on paper deeply and intensely which might explain my less frequent posts 🙂 Facit and Underwood are brands I’ve yet to meet in the metal. They seem to be less common in the U.K. or certainly in the junk shops I have been to.
      Happy typing


  3. Hello, Cloudy! I will have fun reading your posts! I have a blog I rarely visit–it is called Thinking While not Sinking–My brain plays while I swim in the early morning!

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  4. thinking of you each & e v e r y day, for your letter is framed in my space I spend the most time in. forever bonded by type, hypotheticaHORROR


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