ten more reasons

ten more reasons!yeah, my brain hurts now…  and in case you missed it, and I can’t believe you did, go and read the original Polt Ten!


conversations with my sociopathic avatar

Here’s one of the images I made for Harlequin Creature, issue 7. Typing Bee on Oct 4th, New York, details here if you fancy taking part. Go on, go on, you know you want to! Snacks, drinks, take-home goodies and lots of typewriterly fun.

typed on my 1953 skyriter
‘Conversations with my Sociopathic Avatar’ typed on my 1953 skyriter, and now printed by letter-press for harlequin creature issue 7


from the wall
from the wall

and totally unrelated to this, have you heard the new Bond Tune ? The most important factor with this tune, as far as I am concerned is, will the school orchestra be able to play it at the end of term show? Does it have that classic, catchy, instantly recognisable, lovable cheesiness?