happy new year!

cloud a.m. 28:12:15
morning clouds
cloud p.m. 28:12:15
clouds drifting through the afternoon

These cloud studies were made with my new Imperial Good Companion 5. I love the reversible equation arrows especially on this typewriter which is proving to be quite a nice drawing machine.

Happy New Year, everyone, and the answer to my riddle was: the atmosphere.



shiny happy people holding hands

shiny detailshiny people

This is the magnesium die-cut made to print 100 copies of my piece ‘conversations with my sociopathic avatar’ for issue 7 of harlequin creature which arrived last weekend along with my own copy of the publication. It is a true delight, part journal, part artists’ book, a collection of artwork and poetry all made by hand. Submissions for issues 8&9 are now open and details can be found here if you would like the chance to be involved with a really special project.