Jigsaws and envelopes

I’m not sure I want to become addicted to jigsaw puzzles during the remainder of lockdown, which is just as well, as there seems to be a world shortage at the moment. I have been enjoying revisiting Brighton Rock. Pinkie is even worse than I remember him. And I understand Rose even less. If I could type on a jigsaw puzzle, I would

2 thoughts on “Jigsaws and envelopes

  1. Neat poem.
    I can’t remember the last time I did a Jigsaw puzzle.
    We are starting to be able to start to return to a new normal. Most restrictions may end at the end of this month. Hope yours soon do also.

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    1. Yes there are a few small liberties but not many! Missing so many ordinary things but so thankful that I can read a book again. Books so often a safe harbour. Keep on staying safe 🙂


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