Got the Big Type Bug

close up of the big slugs
close up of the big slugs

classic12.8Classic12TypeSampleA few weeks ago now, I started looking in earnest (read, frenzied and totally obsessive verging on lunatic numbers of hours on ebay) for a large typeface. Today it finally arrived, having travelled to the UK from the USA with so many stops and starts it would make your eyes water. I was crossing my fingers that the seller really did pack the typewriter as carefully as I had asked them to. I can only think that luck was on my side, because it had nothing but newspaper to keep it warm and amused on its journey here. It seems to be mostly ok, I mean it can type. But it needs an overhaul.

These things just do not come up on ebay in the UK. Aurgh! Well if they do, I have missed them all. Sometimes you just have to break your own rules to find the right machine. I’ll  have to wait a little bit longer before I can start to experiment with this large type. It’s going off for a Typewriter Spa next week. In the meantime, here’s a thing I did in between bouts of searching…


7 thoughts on “Got the Big Type Bug

    1. I’m not sure the variation of control with the type you get with a manual would be possible on a daisy wheel typewriter – I haven’t used one since about 1982 though!


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