Heavy Showers

Westerly, 10mph.
Westerly, 10mph.

Trying out a newly re-inked ribbon in the Skyriter. I think this is going to be a good way of getting those really dark tones without having to go over and over the same spot on the paper.

Re-inking a ribbon is a bit messy, and you have to use metal stamp ink, NOT ordinary stamp-pad ink for rubber stamps, as this will corode your type. And we don’t want that. But re-inking, for me, is worth the slight hassle and time involved. Making typed drawings is using a lot of ink, and I hate to be chucking lots of plastic spools away. Spraying the ribbon with WD40 works, but works best for text typing.

Also hope that a heavily inked ribbon will work better in the large type Classic 12 when it returns from its hols in the Spa.

3 thoughts on “Heavy Showers

  1. Oooh, metal stamp ink. didn’t think of that. I have a recipe somewhere from some old book for typewriter ribbon ink. I seem to remember it used an oily/waxy base solvent to hold the ink and keep it from drying on the ribbon.


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