Failing Nicely

Also, I’ve come to the conclusion that no one was lying when they said “planning is everything.” You can’t do this on a whim, because a whim is just a whim. Something has to come to a head, as it did with my typewriter collecting. I haven’t taken delivery of a typewriter for myself for at least 2 years, and that’s because I kicked my eBay habit. And I kicked my eBay habit because I didn’t have a smartphone at the time. Now, if occasionally I am asked to find a typewriter for a friend, I find that I can go and find one online and not feel that obsessive pull because I have a defined task. My search is focussed and deliberate: Olivetti Lettera 22/32 no more than £20. Externally applied constraints allow me to keep my head, and not lose my way down the rabbit hole.

So these days my personal typewriter hunting is entirely based in the real world of charity shops and junk shops and vintage stalls. The thrill and suspense is a mini adventure on foot, not a late night bleary red eyed waste of sleeping time. And I no longer care about the amazing machines I am missing out on. I am more than lucky with the ones I already have.

Now, back to deleting my Facebook account. Again.

6 thoughts on “Failing Nicely

  1. I’m on the wagon too! Haven’t bought a typewriter for a few years, though a few still turn up on the doorstep looking for a good home. My Nokia brick rings a few times a week, usually a text message. I’m pay as you go and I looked back at my top-up record (I keep the receipts for tax purposes) and the last was £20 in May 2018. I still have £5 credit. People get so annoyed when I refer to their habit of “touching glass”. And I think to myself, wouldn’t it be useful to get e-mails when I’m out of the office? And then I think about how many years I’d spend touching glass when I could be enjoying the luxury of doing nothing instead. I love doing nothing. Having never had a smartphone can make me feel superior and my arguments against adoption sanctimonious – but I’m OK with that small price. I work alone at home so Facebook is actually quite useful for me to stay in touch with friends and family but I rarely check in at the weekend as I use the computer for work, not so much for play. As well as being our own worst enemies, we can also be our own best friends.


  2. Yep, this speaks to me. I’ve had an app-free triple-minutes “buy a new $19 card every 3 months” phone for a few years now, and I broke the ebay habit even earlier than that. I don’t even cruise thrifts at anywhere near the rate I used to. hovering at a nice cruising altitude. (:


  3. Haven’t bought one since last uncontrolled, unsupervised, and unmedicated splurge. Now I’m just fixing and preening them until one I wouldn’t mind trading is good enough. As for Facebook……. writing and interpersonal communication is better since cutting the cord. Miss the amazing music and art, though. Oh well.

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