120 lino prints…

being sewn into a first run of ten little books

This is tank-top guy feeling festive
This is Crow, missing her friend Tank-top guy
Sometimes when you miss someone, you just have to caw them up on the phone…
and work out how to spend time together, in a corvid safe way.

Come in, have a cup of tea. It’s National Poetry Day in the U.K.

Friends, I invite you to browse sections of my poetry shelves wherever you are in the world, because every day is poetry day. I think we need poetry more than ever, and I think we need to read it in solitude on paper and to hear it spoken in a crowd, we need to read each other poetry at bedtime, and over a breakfast coffee. Leave a poem in a random place. When the world flips its middle finger at you, flip a poem right back at it. With love.

Blue carbon & stickers

blue carbon & stampsI should say the carbon paper is vintage, and in pristine condition, the box a silvery blue. It doesn’t give a very good impression on the Corona Silent but I’m sure will be darker on some of the harder platens. I was hoping, a little bit, to find some used sheets, just out of nosey curiosity. Historical research! But the secrets of the previous owner are still safe as they don’t seem to have used any of the carbon paper at all.