Relativity and Black Holes

einstein and hawking 14th March

How many potential great thinkers and scientists (for example) are we losing to digital distractions today? It blows my mind that Einstein’s theory of general relativity and Hawking’s work on black holes were brought about by thinking and talking.


Another artwork sale for wordplay!

Murmuration#3 22:01:16Here is another artwork for sale, keeping with the flying free theme,  listed on ebay, with international postage. I have no idea why the listing for my bird became “UK only” after I put it up.

You can see the listing for this picture here! If there are problems with this one, I will take it down and offer it for sale another way, with the proceeds still going to wordplay.

fly free, bird!

fly-free-bird2I took a day off typing sentences for nanowrimo, and typed a random crow instead. The next day I typed almost 4k. Taking time off to doodle can actually boost the thing you are avoiding getting done.

Update: I have decided to list this bird on ebay in support of WordPlayCincy. You can see the listing here

And you can see what goes on at WordPlayCincy right here!