The little things

Gummed labels! They come in a roll and at some point they get a dog ear and catch on the platen and a quick job making an address label or a jam label turns into a sticky platen fix nightmare.

I did a search for gummed labels and it seems you just can’t get the kind you moisten yourself any more. But you can still get these massive rolls of gummed brown paper. It’s a no brainer! I’m so happy with my home made labels, and so are my typewriters.

Season’s Greetings

Do not adjust your TV sets! I love the red and green ribbon on my Imperial Good Companion no 5 with the scientific symbols. Recently I had to sell my one and only script typeface, so I’m enjoying using this typewriter even more this festive season. When something has to go, it has to go, but I’m still rich in typewriters and the possibilities are infinite. May your festive season be glorious. Wishing you all peace, creativity, and tranquility for 2020.

It’s week two…

Time to break out the emergency box of prompts and button badges

I made this box in 2009. It still has some old detox tea bags in there. Ha ha ha. Bleargh! I can think of better ways to clear my mind for plot twists and word padding! Onwards

The amazing bookshop post

You know those pictures of amazing bookshops you see on Pinterest and think “Botheration, where ARE these bookshops?” Ok, I will tell you. I found this second hand bookshop yesterday and I just cannot believe I have been walking past this place for 2 years… You can find The Scarlet Pimpernel at 25 London Road, St Leonard’s on Sea, East Sussex, U.K. Nice detail: the prices are written on slips of paper in each book. Also, it’s by sea and just around the corner from some great coffee shops.

Come in, have a cup of tea. It’s National Poetry Day in the U.K.

Friends, I invite you to browse sections of my poetry shelves wherever you are in the world, because every day is poetry day. I think we need poetry more than ever, and I think we need to read it in solitude on paper and to hear it spoken in a crowd, we need to read each other poetry at bedtime, and over a breakfast coffee. Leave a poem in a random place. When the world flips its middle finger at you, flip a poem right back at it. With love.