I have wanted to take a typewriter for a ride for a long time, and finally got around to it. Unfortunately a dog scared the birds away almost as soon as I sat down to type a picture of them, so I’m afraid this trio is all I can offer. However not to worry, I brought my swimming kit, so all is fine and dandy.

The water is 16.6 degrees C, about as warm as it will get this summer. The safer seas and rivers app tells me the water is also clean enough to swim in. I never venture in these days without checking. Southern Water has an abominable reputation for dumping untreated sewage into the sea, and this year was fined millions for its misdemeanours. But today all is looking pretty nice.

Don’t wake the kids up!

The eagle-eyed detectives will notice that my Alphasmart is resting on a blanket and that the screen of my Alphasmart is showing a reflection of a painting. To avoid anyone being left wondering, yes, I am blogging from my bed, and the next pictures show the painting. I bought it for £45 in the summer of 1996, from a fellow Fine Art Graduate after our final degree show at Falmouth. I’d had my eye on it since I’d first seen him working on it in the studio. I love it still, it is titled, Human Element, the artist is Edward Lewis. I’m not sure if he is still painting but that is quite irrelevant…

Human Element, Ed Lewis. Oil on Canvas. Approx 100 x 85cm
Human Element, detail
Human Element, detail
Human Element, detail

Autumn beach

That’s the pretty part of my visit to the beach yesterday. This is the not so pretty bit of my beach walk:

These I picked up and disposed of, along with other bits of rubbish, Yuck. Fortunately there are plenty of rubbish bins at regular intervals all along the beach both on the beach and on the promenade, so you don’t have to carry the tat very far.

Yes, those last two are single use plastic tampon applicators. Again: YUCK! Ten seconds of use for a thousand years of pollution. Ok beach clean done. Let’s look at nature again .

The gulls were pulling razor clams and mussels from the pools here.

Last minute holiday gifts!

Rustic, cute, multipurpose, ocean-friendly body scrubbers!

You don’t even need knitting pins, as you can see, chopsticks make the perfect gauge when knitting these heart shaped jute scrubbers/ exfoliating lovelies.


Work in stocking stitch throughout. (Knit knit knit and no purl)

Take your garden jute string and your chopsticks and cast on 2 stitches.

Knit one row.

Increase at each end of every alternate row until you have 16 sts.

Make the heart shape:

Decrease now on first stitch and 8th.

Turn and decrease at each end of each row until you have 2 sts left. Bind these off together, cut the string, secure your last stitch.

Rejoin your string to the remaining 8 stitches and repeat.

Weave in your loose ends by poking them through the loops at the edges of the finished heart shape.

Make a loop and attach somewhere on the top of your heart.


This takes about ten minutes.

The jute hearts can be used on your pots and pans, your surfaces, your bathroom, your feet and elbows, as well as those stubborn bits on dirty typewriters. But you may want to make multiple shapes to cover all uses. A great way to ditch those nasty plastic scrubbers we have become so addicted to 🙂

Pair the scrubbers with a special bar of soap perhaps for a last minute gift 😉

Happy Holidays , typospherians xx