Messing about with ink

Accepting the limitations of your materials and going with the flow. Don’t over think. Not a meme, a genuine message. Is it art, is it a love letter, a telegram. Making space in my day for something for the sake of something.

Magnesium die-cut of Conversions With My Sociopathic Avatar, 2015, reimagined, reworked as, The Ghost of You, on vintage typing paper. Metal stamp ink and body weight.

Smith-Corona Classic 12 6pci

Image originally typed on a 1953 skyriter and featured in harlequin creature, letter to form.

shiny happy people holding hands

shiny detailshiny people

This is the magnesium die-cut made to print 100 copies of my piece ‘conversations with my sociopathic avatar’ for issue 7 of harlequin creature which arrived last weekend along with my own copy of the publication. It is a true delight, part journal, part artists’ book, a collection of artwork and poetry all made by hand. Submissions for issues 8&9 are now open and details can be found here if you would like the chance to be involved with a really special project.

conversations with my sociopathic avatar

Here’s one of the images I made for Harlequin Creature, issue 7. Typing Bee on Oct 4th, New York, details here if you fancy taking part. Go on, go on, you know you want to! Snacks, drinks, take-home goodies and lots of typewriterly fun.

typed on my 1953 skyriter
‘Conversations with my Sociopathic Avatar’ typed on my 1953 skyriter, and now printed by letter-press for harlequin creature issue 7

typing for harlequin creature!

from the Adler Tippa S, SCM Classic 12 6cpi, the Silver Top Corona Sterling and Adler Tippa.
from the Adler Tippa S, SCM Classic 12 6cpi, the Silver Top Corona Sterling and Adler Tippa.

check out harlequin creature I love what they do, (and if you are up for it and able, sign up for one of their typing bees!) and am grateful to Richard Polt for pointing me in their direction. In fact I am really still quite stunned that my submission was successful, as there are so many wonderful typewriter artists out there. Now, must get on and get the day’s typing done!