Revisiting Changing the Subject

The irony of my posting this quote is not lost on me. But I had to write it out on the train into my little book. I’m still trying to stake out my sphere of focus. One thing I love about this particular train journey is the range of languages spoken being spoken around me.

Ok back to my book. I hope you all find your sphere of focus today whatever you’re doing.

I bought a haiku

I’m in London today. Walking along the banks of the river Thames I came across a poet with his typewriter, a blue silver reed. so I bought a haiku on the subject of rivers. I turned my phone on to take the pictures and write this post 🙂 It was good to see the typist had a steady stream of customers too.

when thoughts don’t have time for hitting shift

get up close and personal with your typing next time you hit the keys

The title of this post is the first line of a song from an album released in the 1980s … kudos to those who know it without googling it. Great song and its sentiment is truer than ever. I loved that artist. She lifted me up in my angsty years with her stories and cool blues chords…

Have a great day, fellow humans.

Edit: It seems more and more that people whose work you have loved for decades… disappoint you to the point of tears. The internet reveals the ugly things people say quicker than the blink of an eye.

Album Cover Artwork

Available today on Bandcamp, general release I believe is the 22nd March 2019.

This is already my favourite Pyramids of Space album, (and it has nothing to do with my artwork being chosen for the cover!) Seriously crafted epic journey. This album by rights ought to be on vinyl. It deserves the kind of listening we have grown out of in the digital age. Set aside enough time to play it through from start to finish on first listen the way we used to with LPs.

Does anyone need to know?

The urge to share every moment is too overwhelming.

What am I thinking ?

What are you thinking ?

Does anyone need to know ?

When I was a kid, I used to wonder what it would be like to know what everyone was thinking, from moment to moment. Now we know what it’s like, and is it that great ? Is the future you imagined as amazing as you imagined it to be? How can we imagine the future better for ourselves, given that we can’t erase what we already know?