Always carry a letter

I saw this Remington in the window of a charity shop on my way to catch my train from the coast back to the Fens. There wasn’t time to take it out of the window display to test, so I fed a letter from my MP I had in my bag into to the machine from an awkward position and tested / demonstrated the typewriter to passers by. Eagle eyed observers will see that this machine has an American keyboard with a British conversion. Looks like it was last serviced in the late eighties. For £30 it’s not bad, I think I would have bought it if I hadn’t been in such a hurry and if I didn’t already have a house-move to deal with! Anyway, combining two subjects here, I can relate my MPs response to my People’s Vote postcard. Needless to say, I intend to keep up my end of the conversation until that so-called meaningful vote in the House has been cast…

The fluffy white animal (stoat?!) got knocked off its perch with the carriage return. Oops.

One of 700,000

So after the big day some of us wrote to our MPs… this picture was taken early on as we waited to join in the throng. It was great to see so many wonderful placards, and fantastic to be among so many high spirited passionate and well behaved people 😉

I was so in the moment I didn’t get my phone out for the whole day. A lot of people asked me what my sign meant… so I thought I’d better include an explanation for my Tory Brexiteer MP ( I didn’t vote for him).

I’ll be there

And this is my sign…I’ll be marching in London UK on 20th October. (The answer to the clue is not “rooster” 🤣) I would have liked to have painted this on a typewriter style font but time is short

on a morning like no other

red rose
Found first thing this morning on the way to school. The garden was two metres away from the road.

I don’t think I have to tell you that I voted for Britain to Remain a member of the European Union. But I will anyway. I got up at 6. I was first at the polling station, in fact I had to wait 7 minutes for the presiding officer to declare the poll open at 7am. My youngest daughter came with me and brought her favourite bunny along. It was fun, we felt hopeful but anxious.

This morning was ghastly. I didn’t have a camera with me on the school walk, so I had to go back to take the picture. But anyway, it struck me as just right.

There’s a new swear-word in our house.

This thing (now a swear-word), is a tragic-comedy of Shakespearian proportions; we’re all in the cheap seats now. Even Teflon Dave.