Candi Staton

Thought it would be fun to share some of the stages of a portrait

Still so much work to do but I am hoping I can get this portrait completed in time to include it in a zine of my artwork. I will be selling some copies at the craft market but I will also hold back copies to sell internationally online


4 thoughts on “Candi Staton

  1. I’m intrigued as to how on Earth you do these. Do you start with a light pencil outline or something- just as a guide? Or you able to just pop in a blank sheet of paper and just go for it? Either way, it’s really impressive. ( And unique!).

    Also: I love zines, and wish more people still made them. ( I have seen some amazing ones online. Just wish I knew people who appreciate them as much as I do in my vicinity). It’s funny that you mentioned zines today, as I’ve made them in the past ( so much fun) and have been wanting to make another one lately. I’m taking this as a sign!

    Good luck with the markets!

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    1. Ah thank you! Yes, I approach the drawing the same way I would if I were using a handheld tool. I make marks for orientation around the page as you can get lost and confused quite quickly. With portraits I start with eyes, and generally use the closed brackets for the sides of the pupils, and hyphens, commas, asterisks etc to build up the eyelids and so on, adding bigger marks for shadows around the bridge of nose. It’s important to go slowly and keep on rolling the paper up to see how the image changes and to reorient your eyes. Often I look at other portraits I’ve done to remind myself which marks work best for certain types of hair or other tricky areas like teeth. This one was quite hard to get right and in fact I scrapped my first attempt altogether!

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      1. Wow, sounds like quite the process….I love to think of myself as creative, but this typewriter art is just something I’d never have thought of. I applaud your inventiveness and patience! I also love it because it’s just black and white…..I’m really drawn to monochrome artwork, as I don’t seem to be able to do it myself. Without colour I’m a bit lost.

        Anyway, loving the creativity, and cheers again for the zine inspiration!

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