Yes! It’s a photo of a machine I’m happy to be addicted to. Also, I finally got around to taking some nothing else in the background shots of my Underwood Five.

What a massive hunk of machine with only one purpose. “I’m here to serve your every writing need. I promise not to distract you, or judge you. I promise I never even thought about trying to spy on your friends or track your every step around town. I won’t measure your waking hours or interrupt you when you are eating with friends and family or reading a book. I’m yours, I’m just waiting for you. Whenever you’re ready.”

Imagine what the makers of this machine would make of that imagined typewriter dialogue. They would be shocked, horrified. Amused? Bewildered? What kind of world has this machine travelled to? One in which we do still have a choice. It’s worth clinging onto choices.

6 thoughts on “Distraction

    1. I carefully touched up a few places where the enamel had chipped and worn off, which does give it an uplift! The missing paper finger is a bit of a nuisance but it still does an amazing job after so so long!

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      1. I finally got to my parts machine. Want a finger?
        Contact me via my blog or direct email with your postal information and I’ll get one out to you in the next day or two.

        Looks like you have the mount that fits to the rail that is along the rear of the platen.
        It is no work to send only the finger or the finger and mounting piece. Let me know what you need.


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