6 thoughts on “Add a twist of lemon

  1. The PC and Smartphone have only contributed to the dumbing down of society and not educating it.
    Steve Jobs and Bill Gates alike, along with many tech greats never left their children have PCs or Smart phones. Same here. Besides, I like my ‘beam me up Scotty’ flip phone.

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    1. Exactly! If the instigators don’t let their own kids use smart phones and social media you should at least pause for thought. I’m just so glad my kids are on board and on the same page. No kick back or pestering from either of them


    1. I just remembered as well, that sleeping light on the old Mac? The one that seemed to “breathe”? That was a deliberate match to the average human rate of restful breathing, chosen to make us emotionally attached to our computers! Nothing is left unconsidered in the design on the Apple drawing board. Our phones are little black blocks of pacifier 😦


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