Don’t wake the kids up!

The eagle-eyed detectives will notice that my Alphasmart is resting on a blanket and that the screen of my Alphasmart is showing a reflection of a painting. To avoid anyone being left wondering, yes, I am blogging from my bed, and the next pictures show the painting. I bought it for £45 in the summer of 1996, from a fellow Fine Art Graduate after our final degree show at Falmouth. I’d had my eye on it since I’d first seen him working on it in the studio. I love it still, it is titled, Human Element, the artist is Edward Lewis. I’m not sure if he is still painting but that is quite irrelevant…

Human Element, Ed Lewis. Oil on Canvas. Approx 100 x 85cm
Human Element, detail
Human Element, detail
Human Element, detail

6 thoughts on “Don’t wake the kids up!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I hit my target today with a little to spare. It’s weird this year not having physical write-ins, but it’s good to do something familiar to keep the darkness at bay


  1. I hope your project will be satisfying, whatever tools you use. I am also looking forward to a creative writing project, but it’s going to have to be a bit later than the official NaNoWriMo. Type on!

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    1. Thanks Richard! I’m already looking forward to reading the next Cold Hard Type collection, by the way. I wanted to leave a comment on the CHT submission post but I have forgotten my google password and I recently cleared my cookies!


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