4 thoughts on “Seriously now, everyone needs a plan b

  1. They need to change things just for the sake of change. No different than anyone else; software companies, web sites, service providers. Clutter everything, don’t really improve, add more stupid graphics, etc. I still remember when the internet worked much better than now, mostly text,noharsh white background eye killing screens. Then advanced to just the right mix of graphics, but more and more white background. Why did all the software companies (yes I program) and internet, and all else need to go to the stupid white backgrounds? Graphics? Images? (my pet peves). At least Google is trying to get some sense to itself in Dark Mode.

    Best of success with NaNo.

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  2. Oh dear, that sounds like a terrible idea on nanowrimo.org — they want to turn it into a social network, I guess? Good luck with your noveling!
    Love the special characters on your typewriter, and how you used them.

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