4 thoughts on “swallows in winter

  1. It is very upsetting to ponder. If you think about, novels and poems will read differently in the future. Future readers will be puzzled by how past writers describe nature and wildlife. Now I find myself closely watching the birds in Florida and trying to recall their previous patterns of migration.

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  2. worst thing for the birds is all the wind turbines. It’s taken us hundreds of years to get this far. Hopefully it will not take hundreds of years to get things back to a more normal world.


    1. Yes the older ones were not positioned with migration paths in mind at all and were pretty bad. Fortunately here the RSPB now scrutinise the planning requests and have a big role in making sure new turbines have as little impact as possible. 👍


      1. So I did some more research on the impact of wind turbines on bird population and it turns out that wind turbines are not the major cause of bird deaths annually. Cats, traffic, window collisions, etc., combine to exert a massive toll on bird numbers each year which far far exceeds the deaths caused by turbine collisions. Then there are the issues of land husbandry involved in grouse moor shooting which is taking out precious birds of prey, and the maintaining of mono culture etc which also impacts the diversity of U.K. wildlife. It’s a complicated issue but it boils down to human impact on wildlife.


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