On safari in Brighton

I wandered into a big junk shop in Brighton yesterday just on the off chance I might find something cool or interesting. First up was this duck.

Moving on!

Around the next corner I found this

And after rummaging among some tweed jackets I found this

But for that price I wasn’t feeling very Gerald Cha. Though not the worst junker I have ever seen, I moved on upstairs where there were some weird and wonderful things…

How often does one find one of those in a junk shop?! No price and I dare not ask!

Some fancy fabric on the ceiling caught my eye …

Who let professor Umbridge in?

Heading down again. I love it in there, even the stairs are full of interest

Wait! I didn’t see that on my way up!

No price on this little rusty relic. I left it where it was. Fun to see though !

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