Oblique Strategy of the Day

I didn’t use the Lettera 22 to make these cards, it would be ridiculously cool to have this typeface on this machine… and Yikes I need to clean the fluff from under the key levers!
text, Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, Oblique Strategies

This is a set of 100 cards I made for my partner who is a musician. I used my Adler Tippa for the texts and my Smith Corona 6cpi for the sleeve and box text. I used 130 gsm Fabriano paper, from Shepherd’s Bookbinding supplies in London, UK . For the box I upcycled one of those stiff card envelopes you often get books through the post delivered in.

Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt created Oblique Strategies as a card- based inspirational tool in the early 1970s. Most of the suggestions on the cards can be used to think creatively about any dilemma or situation, though some are music specific. The originals are still around, though prohibitively expensive if you can find them on eBay.  I couldn’t work out how to get a new set. I got frustrated and just started typing, gathering the prompts from various different places on the interwebs.

4 thoughts on “Oblique Strategy of the Day

  1. Yours is a lovely DIY. The outcome is tidy and thoughtful at once.

    I have a similar typeface on an Olympia SM9. Truly, the only reason I picked it. It was junky. Fixed and clean but full of “character” bits.

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