ryman typewriter paper

ryman paperryman paper

For this short paper to paper comparison, I have only considered writing, not sketching/drawing/image making on typewriters. For that I use a heavier, Fabriano acid-free paper. Unless I go to Scotland and completely forget to pack a few sheets.

typecast on the Invicta.

4 thoughts on “ryman typewriter paper

  1. Indeed. I’ve found Mead still makes typing paper, now rebranded as general purpose paper. It’s thinner and takes ink better than printer paper.


    1. Yeah, I can get carbon paper quite cheaply through ebay and amazon! I have quite a collection of that stuff, and I do sometimes use it. I recently had some used sheets turn up with a machine, and there was a recipe for Chicken pie, and another sheet had a grumpy letter about building regs and planning permission dated in the early 80s! Vintage carbon paper seems to last and performs as well as the new stuff.


  2. Carbon paper can be found at the big box stores. At least, the pack I have was purchased a few years ago at Staples. Though they’re constantly changing inventory, so who knows. But you can order from their website and they’ll ship for free to your local retail store.

    Carbon paper is neat for testing typewriters that don’t have ribbons. Take a sheet, along with black paper, to the thrift/antique stores.

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