shiny happy people holding hands

shiny detailshiny people

This is the magnesium die-cut made to print 100 copies of my piece ‘conversations with my sociopathic avatar’ for issue 7 of harlequin creature which arrived last weekend along with my own copy of the publication. It is a true delight, part journal, part artists’ book, a collection of artwork and poetry all made by hand. Submissions for issues 8&9 are now open and details can be found here if you would like the chance to be involved with a really special project.


10 thoughts on “shiny happy people holding hands

  1. I look forward to seeing the image printed … But the die itself is a work of art.

    I visited harlequin creature’s website, they do what they call “typing bees” as a way of getting their content created en masse. Sound suspiciously like a type-in, minus the speed typing contest!


      1. You could probably make it work with one of those craft presses they sell these days.. let me see if I remember.. “Evolution” I think is the name.. kind of a plastic-y thing, but you can have plastic dies made, and I believe a metal die will work too.


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