When being interrupted is fine!

Poplars in bud
Poplars in bud

We started early this morning. Today it was the Lettera 22 in a large laptop bag. Forgot to take the camera. But we were loaded down with essential day-out supplies as it was. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden was pretty busy today with gardeners mowing lawns and a lot of families with young children. So many toddlers and babies!  Today’s drawing of the Poplar trees was slightly interrupted when a boy sidled up to me and said, “I like your machine.” I could tell he wanted to have a go, and after I changed the paper over he got into writing his name and instantly a gaggle of his siblings and friends aged about 9 down to 2 years were surrounding the bench, all wanting a shot at it. Excellent! I turned the typewriter round on my knee and spent the next half hour untangling typebars and assuring the parents that it was really OK for the children to be all over the typewriter, and I really didn’t mind a bit. They were super keen, and were triumphant bearers of their typed page of names and nonsense. My own kids’ response was, “That was funny.” I thought it was brilliant. You can always rely on kids to ask the questions, be inquisitive, and ask to have a go at something new – or old, in this case.


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