Did Remington employ pixies?

image image image imageThe ruler part needs to sandwich the bracket between itself and the slide for the paper fingers at the back. The bracket helpfully rotates in a wilful way, while you try to get the sandwich together and keep the spring from falling off again. I considered the possibility of taking photographs of my mini disaster midway through the screwing of the screw and thought, well there are limits to my dexterity! The accidental magnetisation of the screwdriver on a previous occasion was a boon to this little fix.

So back to the typing. Did I succeed in eradicating the dirty smears? Unfortunately not so much. Back to making eraser crumbs, then!


2 thoughts on “Did Remington employ pixies?

  1. Now that is something I have wondered about too – still can’t find how they ever put the RP2 carriage together.

    Chapeaux to you on this one!
    This looks like a Nr 5 carriage or similar. Did a quick check on my 5 and you’ve pretty much got the wayward spring back in place. The only small detail is that the pixies at Remington wedged the angled end of the spring between the ruler and the paper-finger slide-bar, just against the screw.


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